Saturday, November 2, 2013

Customer elation

This certainly applies to any business, but I believe in not aiming in merely getting the customer to the point of being “satisfied” when delivering a service to her.
My personal motto is “I don’t want satisfied customers: I want them … elated.”
This is at the core of my business philosophy.
I price the jobs in such a way that I want to do them, but then I deliver 110%, and you get what you pay for. And everything is legal and above-board, as I’ve factored all my costs into my price.
In order to do this, I personally find that I need to focus on the entire experience, but the main areas are punctuality, delivering what was promised, respecting the property, maintaining good communication with the owners as well as the neighbours, and superlative cleanliness of the site and adjacent properties.
I believe the best marketing strategy to be the Golden Rule.
If you’re a masonry contractor reading this, think about what I’ve just said. In my experience, it’s the most rewarding path.
If you’re a homeowner, no matter where you live, if you can identify a contractor who, by all evidence, seems truly customer-oriented — and if your gut feeling turns out to have been correct — it will make getting your project done a lot more enjoyable.
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