Friday, October 25, 2013

All sales pitches are not created equal -- doing your research matters!

We’ve all heard the expression “You’ll get out of it what you put into it”.
This cliche very much applies to how carefully you make choices when it comes to restoring the old brickwork of your home. A mistake there can be subsequently hard to reverse — for you, or for someone else in the future.
Not to mention that the financial pressures of everyday life can present the temptation to settle for a lesser job in view of everything that one needs to pay for.
Or sometimes it’s just the idea that this type of work should be cheap no matter what.
But the fact remains that historic masonry gets rarer and rarer as time goes on, due to the simple fact that the methods required to build it are no longer in use.
Less and less of these structures will remain in sound condition.
There is no modern brick, in my opinion, which can match the timeless beauty of older brickwork.
So, if you are predisposed to preserve or restore the harmonious appearance of your home’s vintage masonry, be prepared to do some research.
Making use of the word “heritage” does not automatically turn a mason into an artist! In the pictures below, you see a project performed by a “less expensive” company in Toronto, Canada. While lime and old bricks may have been used, in my opinion, the result exhibits a lack of artistic judgement, resourcefulness and restorative know-how.

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